My YouTube Journey (and how it lead to discovering a new talent!)
My initial thoughts on Youtube were like most others.  I thought it was a great place to watch funny clips and pray that someone had uploaded episodes of old shows I remembered watching from back in the day.  I never thought I’d have my own channel - why would I need one?
Fast forward to a career crossroads when I decided to leave my Further Education college lecturing post and set up my own training company.  It was then that I saw the possibilities of a treatment training channel and I registered Homespa Beauty in January 2011.  What I couldn’t do was muster up the courage to film until December that year but when I did I was pleasantly surprised to discover that people liked my teaching methods, the style of video and my Scottish accent (more on the accent to come!).
Since that first video it’s been a real rollercoaster of a ride and when you’re considered a ‘Youtuber’ you have the most lovely subscribers who’ll post supportive comments and feedback, you’re approached by television companies for your permission to share your videos with their audience and you’re asked to collaborate with companies to introduce them to your likeminded followers.  
On the flip side, you soon learn to tolerate the trolls, accept constructive criticism and be open to going on a journey of development with your audience and this too is a priceless experience that I’ve been fortunate to have.  The channel’s viewership is in the multi-millions and considering I’m not a teen or twenty-something vlogger it really does feel like an achievement to have created a library which is accessed by many educational establishments all over the globe in addition to being viewed for entertainment and relaxation.  
My top viewing territories do change but the USA, Asia and Europe are always in the top five and it blows my mind to think about who’s watching and where.  My Scottishness makes for entertaining subtitles and for every hundred people who can understand me, there’s someone who ain’t got a clue what’s coming out of my mouth or where the heck I’m from - och whit dis it matter if ye canna follow whit am saying anyhow? 
Seriously, I love this journey I’m on and discovering that my tone of voice and delivery relaxes people made for a natural yet surprising synergy with the ASMR community, a lovely bunch of likeminded enthusiasts from all over the world who gain utter bliss and tingles from certain content.  Whether it be watching or listening to something that has the power to instantly relax you, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response appears to be triggered in many people through my accent and soft voice and I am very happy to develop that side of the channel.  We spend so much time stressing and worrying about every element of life that it’s my pleasure to create content that helps you to sleep, calm nervousness, tension or simply zone out.
That’s my journey so far, from treatments to tingles!  I feel inspired by what’s possible when I create and share videos with you and as I’m naturally moving towards more motivational, meditational and positivity focused videos, I hope you’ll continue to join me.
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